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America Gourmet Coffee - Douwe Egberts our family choice selection

Our family Douwe Egberts roasted coffee in Holland in 1753 when the first coffee plant was introduced to Central and South America, today 'The Giants' of the world's coffee-producing continents. Their fine, mild, straightforward and some of the sweetest and spiciest coffee, range from light to medium body with bright flavors and clean crisp finishes. Prized for their acidity and considered to be 'All Day' drinkers.

Blends - Douwe Egberts our family premium gourmet coffee blends

Douwe Egberts first blended our family coffees in the second half of the 18th Century. Today Johannes Hessel continues our 250 year old coffee tradition, eight generations of coffee roasting know-how since 1753. Pure arabica beans from each year's harvest are master roasted, cupped and blended in house for balance and distinction to savor and compose their most delicate flavors and characteristics.

Africa Gourmet Coffee - A must in our growing gourmet coffee selection

The African Continent or Arabian Peninsula produce 'The Bordeaux' of coffees, being the world's ancient and most distinctively flavoured individualists with their intense aromas, wine-like and bright acidity, fragrant blossoms, fruit and chocolate undertones. Ethiopian shade grown coffee gardens and Kenyan full sun coffee plantations grow Africa’s most delightful highly prized arabicas.

Pacific Gourmet Coffee - Another choice in our daily fresh gourmet coffee selection

The Indonesian Islands produce 'The Heavyweights' of coffees, famous for their smoothness, pronounced deep-toned but gentle acidity, full body richness and lingering finishes with a touch of spice and earthiness enveloped in the complexity of the coffee. Considered by many as the world's finest, especially those who take a cloud of cream in their coffee.

Decaffeinated Gourmet Coffee - Of course!

Coffee making - Douwe Egberts our family suggestions - How to brew coffee

Douwe Egberts the family coffee roasters since 1753
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