BRAZIL - Bahia, Fazenda Mimoso, Peaberry Coffee - Featuring 'Trace Your Coffee’

An exclusive internet traceable coffee with Brazil Specialty Coffee Association BSCA Certified Seal. Our pleasure to introduce Mr Marcelo Vieira, Member of the Board of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association BSCA, his private Fazenda Mimoso coffee, a superb specialty peaberry coffee with our BSCA traceable Seal and Stamp Number certifying Mimoso Peaberry particulars and origins.

From the Northernmost growing area in Brazil, inland from the port of Salvador, hidden in the Rio de Janeiro river basin, discover an exquisite specialty peaberry coffee (a superior grade round coffee bean) and trace its friendly origins to Fazenda Mimoso. Our BSCA traceable Seal Stamp Number authenticates Mimoso coffee Region, Crop, Description, Process, Remarks and Corresponding Quality Report. An exceptional washed mild Brazilian Moka Peaberry with soft uniform vanilla and nut tones aroma, orchestrating a sweet acidity in a distinctive body. Professionally cupped by Mr Silvio Leite, Brazil’s renowned chief cupper and Director at Agribahia S.A. as ... “a well balanced coffee, with an excellent body (rare for a washed coffee), very good sweetness with a smooth and very clean flavour”.

‘Trace Your Coffee’ and enjoy your Mimoso Peaberry, learn and verify Mimoso BSCA certified particulars through the BSCA web site, by inputting our unique BSCA Seal Stamp Number affixed to your Mimoso coffee bag.

[ 12 oz bag ]

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