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An exquisite example of a 'Mild Brazilian' high grade coffee, a medium-to-full body with a well nuanced mild acidity.

BRAZIL Bourbon

A pure Bourbon and Fazenda grown hand picked coffee with unique delicate flavors and a fruity aroma. The Bourbon origins are from a single seedling coffee plant presented to Louis XIV by the mayor of Amsterdam.


A comprehensive grade of Colombia coffee that combines the large-beaned Supremo grade, the smaller-beaned Extra grade, plus the peaberries of both grades.


A classic of the world's finest coffees, grown in the volcanic soils of Costa Rica's high mountain central valley.

COSTA RICA, Tarrazu, Llano Bonito. Certified Organic & Fair Traded

From the Talamanca Mountain slopes and within the admired Tarrazu region at 5,000ft high-grown altitude on fertile volcanic soils enhanced by natural nutrients and minerals, exceptional hand picked wet processed and sundried SHB coffee beans.


An elegant and most flavorful coffee from Antigua, the oldest coffee region in Guatemala, 'the Land of the Eternal Spring'. A favorite throughout our entire Douwe Egberts coffee history.

GUATEMALA Lake Atitlan. Certified Organic & Fair Traded

An exceptional Guatemalan coffee produced by a group of small holding farmers and grown on small plots on the volcanic slopes above lake Atitlan.


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